Modern fiction

Here is a list of my modern novels. I like to write about family, relationships, romance and people finding a new and happier life for themselves. And who knows what else I'll write about in the future? All I can guarantee is that it'll have a happy ending. I love happy endings when I read and don't like to leave my characters unhappy when I write.

Each book has its own page on this website, containing cover, story summary, background information that you can't find elsewhere, and a link to the first chapter, so that you can see whether you'd like to read the whole book.



Larch Tree Lane October 2022Book 1 of Larch Tree Lane
Sarah's Gift February 2022Book 2 of Waterfront
Mara's Choice June 2021Book 1 of Waterfront
In Focus April 2021 
Marrying Simone October 2020Book 3 of Penny Lake
Mara January 2020 
Mara January 2020 
Finding Cassie January 2020Book 2 of Penny Lake
Christmas in Peppercorn Street October 2019Book 5 of The 'Peppercorn' Series
Changing Lara April 2019Book 1 of Penny Lake
Bay Tree Cottage March 2018Book 4 of The 'Peppercorn' Series
Saffron Lane September 2017Book 3 of The 'Peppercorn' Series
Cinnamon Gardens October 2015Book 2 of The 'Peppercorn' Series
Tomorrow's Path September 2015 
Winds of Change March 2015 
Peppercorn Street November 2014Book 1 of The 'Peppercorn' Series
A Time for Hope October 2014Book 3 of The 'Hope' Stories
In Search of Hope October 2013Book 2 of The 'Hope' Stories
Marrying A Stranger April 2013 
Moving On April 2013 
A Place of Hope November 2012Book 1 of The 'Hope' Stories
Short and Sweet October 2011 
Licence to Dream July 2010 
Saving Willowbrook March 2009 
Chestnut Lane May 2008 
Kirsty's Vineyard November 2007 
Family Connections February 2007 
The Corrigan Legacy April 2006 
The Wishing Well November 2004 
Change of Season March 2003 


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