Winds of Change

March 2015

A new edition of this book has been published, this time in mass market paperback. It has a gorgeous new cover. If you follow the links below, you can see it and buy it.


When her elderly father dies, Miranda Fox is free at last. He’s promised an inheritance that will give her independence. But her domineering half-brother controls the money and has very different ideas as to how she should live her life

A new friend helps Miranda take the first steps towards freedom, but her actions uncover painful secrets from the past which still have the power to hurt. Her sister escaped the family by leaving Australia. Can Miranda do the same?

In England an old friend reappears in her life and brings further turmoil. She must make difficult choices if she’s to be free. Will she have the courage to stand up for herself this time? Or will her family still control her life?

This book will be published in mass market paperback, with this beautiful new cover, in March 2015. Check your local sellers for details.

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