Peppercorn Street

This is part 1 of the Peppercorn series.

Janey is 18 and all alone apart from her baby daughter. Disowned by her family she is forced to move into a small flat on lower Peppercorn Street and learn to survive by herself. Just as her new life starts to show promise, events from her past catch up with her and danger threatens.

Nicole is renting one of the new luxury flats further up the street. She's just walked away from her husband and teenage sons, suspecting her husband of having an affair and tired of being taken for granted.

Winifred has lived in her huge family home at the top of the street for over eighty years but all her friends have died and her nephew is trying to persuade her to go into a retirement home. She doesn't want to leave her home.

A chance meeting between all three women sparks up a beautiful friendship that will change their lives forever. However, things are not what they seem in any of their lives and they each find themselves tested by their individual troubles.


I love stories about the way people’s lives and relationships change. But in many of the books I’ve read, the central characters are all the same age, either all youngish or in their middle years. Older women are mostly minor characters. So before I even started this story, I decided to make my three central characters of different ages and let one of them be a ‘valuable antique’. After all, real life isn’t like school, where people of the same age are kept together.

And where else would I set the story but in Wiltshire, where I spend part of every year? It’s such a beautiful part of England.

I wrote this book about three years before it got published. It wasn’t contracted for publication as my books usually are, but was a story I wrote for the sheer pleasure of it in my spare time. Then I waited to find a ‘good home’ for it, ie a publisher who would take care of my beloved characters and give them the backup they deserve on their outing into the world. I think I’ve done that. I love the cover Allison & Busby have provided.

I hope you’ll enjoy my tale, dear readers. I’m now planning a follow-up story.

Happy reading.

The book will be available initially (November 2014) in hardback or ebook formats, with a paperback coming out in 2015. You can order it from your bookshop anywhere in the English speaking world, or buy it on line from:

Amazon UK

The Book Depository (postage free all over the world)

Amazon USA



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