Bay Tree Cottage

Peppercorn Series #4:  The houses in Saffron Lane are being filled with artists thanks to the efforts of Nell and Angus. Ginger doesn't win a place there, but gets a job running the small cafe/art gallery, taking refuge there from her abusive bully of a son. When she meets Iain Darling, sparks fly between them, the first time she's felt attracted to anyone for years. But will her son spoil it? Emil Kinnaird is in town to open the small museum in Saffron Lane and run his father's business. This throws new opportunities in his path, and new problems too. Will the newcomers manage to build new lives or will selfish people destroy their attempts to find happiness?



When I began writing this series, I thought it would go to three stories, but the characters came to such vivid life that I found myself writing a fourth story. This is the first modern series with four novels in it. I really miss the characters. It doesn't feel as if I 'create' them, but rather as if they walk out of the mists of my imagination to tell me their stories. I can't plan a book in advance, only 'see' the setup and then follow my characters as they deal with their lives. And once again, my publisher has produced a gorgeous cover.


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