Licence to Dream

Ben and his wife have a dream of designing a country retreat, but when she’s killed in an accident, he’s left to struggle on alone.

After her grandpop dies, Meriel emigrates to Australia, where fate brings her into contact with Ben. They are very different in nature, each with their own dream, but when circumstances force them to share a house, they can no longer deny the attraction between them.

There are many obstacles to overcome, but can Ben and Meriel ultimately find a way to save and unite their dreams?

NB For US readers - this is the way Licence is spelled in the UK - it’s not an error!

‘Licence to Dream’ has been published in hardback and comes out in March 2011 in trade paperback, then audio and large print. The various editions come out first in the UK, and a few weeks later in other countries. It will be available for sale in all English-speaking countries and if your local bookshop doesn’t stock it, you can ask them to order it for you or you can buy it on line from:

Amazon UK
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