Cinnamon Gardens

This is the second in the three-part Peppercorn series.

Now that Nell's three sons are qualified and in work, she's ready to build a new life for herself. She's been left a house in England by an elderly aunt and decides to leave Australia for a while. Her younger sons need to learn to stand on their own feet and her ex can keep an eye on them. When Angus rescues an old lady being mugged outside No 95 Peppercorn Street, Nell meets the software engineer from No 1, elderly Winifred from No 5 and single mother Janey who's lodging there. Nell and Angus are quickly attracted to one another. But her house isn't fit to live in and Nell is happy to sell it and allow a builder to create Cinnamon Gardens. Winifred however wants to stay in the only home she's ever known. Violence escalates as someone tries to frighten the old lady into selling, and to make matters worse, her young friend Janey is being stalked. Can Nell build a new life with Angus? Will she find out why her parents quarrelled with their UK relatives? And, more importantly, what can she and her new friends do to help each other stay safe?

Behind the scenes

One day, sitting bored on the 20 hour flight from Australia to the UK, I ‘saw’ a setup scene for a story. So of course I pulled out the notebook I always keep handy and started writing. I managed ten pages. This is the story and the same beginning (though much polished). I didn’t use it for several years, but I always try to ‘capture’ an idea. Indeed, I have a ‘store cupboard’ full of them. 

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