The Corrigan Legacy

This book was one of six shortlisted for the Australian Romantic Book of the Year 2007. Anna's book 'Bright Day Dawning' was also shortlisted.

Des has four children. His second wife Judith has just left him and he’s over-stretched financially. HIs brother Leo is the unambitious owner of a hardware store in a remote Australian town and has two children. Leo's daughter is suffering from ME/chronic fatigue syndrome, defies him to accept her aunt’s invitation to be treated in England.

Des's wife Judith has met another man, Cal. But it’s bad timing because Cal has just found out he’s not the biological father of his beloved daughter and his ex-wife wants to take Lily away from him.

As the younger generation begin to gather around Maeve, old secrets are revealed, new allegiances made, and there are surprises for every member of the family—because the Corrigan Legacy isn’t what it first seems.

‘The Corrigan Legacy’ had been published in hardback, large print, audio and paperback formats.

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