Here are some of my favourite photos.
I hope you enjoy them.



Anna at conference 2006

Here I am at a writers' conference, all glammed up.

This is me and my husband.

We're a very happy couple.

.Anna and husband beaming

Cover girl

This is the one and only time I've been a cover girl.

It was for a writers' magazine, of course!




Every time a book is released,

my publisher sends me flowers

Publication day flowers



Anna in her office

Here I am at my writing computer.

There are two other desks, just as untidy


When 'Pride of Lancashire' won an award,

a friend sent me these beautiful flowers.

Ruby flowers

Anna and husband at conf

We both got glammed up for the conference.


This is in our hall, with the painting for

Threepenny Dreams on the wall.

Anna in hall

PR shot

This is one of my book cover photos.


Yate library Gloucestershire 2011

Yate Library Gloucestershire, July 2011

Anna and Jo at talk, Waterstones, Chippenham, August 2011

Anna and Jo at Waterstones, Chippenham.

Talk in August 2011




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