Kirsty's Vineyard

Though dying, Ed still has a few tricks up his sleeve. He leaves Kirsty all his money and his vineyard estate, but on the condition she lives in Western Australia for at least a year without her brother.

A skilled matchmaker, Ed also suggests Kirsty considers marrying her new neighbour, Sam. She has no plans to marry again, thank you very much. Neither has Sam. Maybe Ed has got this match wrong.

But one thing is certain, Kirsty’s move to Australia will change her life for ever.

‘Kirsty’s Vineyard’ has been published in hardback, large print, audio book and paperback formats. It is available for sale in all English-speaking countries and if your local bookshop doesn’t stock it, you can ask them to order it for you.

Readers buying on line can order this book from the Australian Online Bookshop or from Amazon UK or from or from



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