Tomorrow's Path

Their relationship didn't get off to the best of starts...but who can tell what the future will bring? As a longstanding fan of bestselling author Jivan Childering, aspiring young novelist Jessica Lord is dismayed on encountering the man himself to find him aloof, arrogant and stand-offish. 

But, some months later, many thousands of miles away in Western Australia, Jessica's path is destined to cross with Jivan's once more - and she begins to see a different side to this talented yet reserved and private man. For his part, Jivan finds himself increasingly drawn to the unpretentious Jessica, and impressed by her single-minded determination to follow her dreams of becoming a successful writer. 

Following a bitter divorce, Jivan has vowed never to get romantically involved with a woman again. Can Jessica break down his emotional barriers? What's more, Jivan's vengeful ex-wife is determined to stop him embarking on a new relationship - and is prepared to go to any lengths to achieve her aim.

Behind the scenes

This is a stand-alone story.

I created these characters years ago, but never found a time to write their story till now, because it’s a single story, not part of a series. This book contains some of my own life incidents as background eg winning a big prize for my first novel, meeting a very famous writer (though not falling in love with him!) and living in a waterside house.

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