The Price of Wisdom

The final confrontation is approaching. Discord is everywhere - even on the satellite circling above the planet - and the Serpent's evil cult of pain and suffering threatens to spread throughout the Confederation itself. The Serpent god, given life by its worshippers' offerings of pain, has taken on physical form.

Across the length and breadth of the Twelve Claims, the armies of the Serpent are massing. Led by the sadistic Sen-Sether, their aim is nothing less than the total annihilation of the Kindred and the subjugation of everyone in the Twelve Claims.

In the woodland fastness of the High Alder, the Kindred, led by Herra, are preparing to make their stand. By arms alone they know they have little chance against the ruthlessness and might of Sen-Sether and his massive armies. Only Herra's wisdom can defeat the Serpent and she sees a way which gives them a chance, at least, of overcoming their enemies and saving their world. But can the Kindred afford the bitter cost of this?

The Price of Wisdom was published in August 1996 by Pan Macmillan Australia in paperback, but is now out of print. It is available in ebook format and can be purchased on this website or from other online sources.

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Shannah Jay is the pen name of Anna Jacobs


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