Lands of Nowhere

Lands of Nowhere continues the story of Herra and her group of Kindred, who have fled from the city of Tenebrak and are trying to find sanctuary in the Lands of Nowhere.

They are being hounded by Those of the Serpent, whose incense-choked shrines are filled with pain and suffering in the worship of their dread god. The evil cult has spread rapidly throughout the Twelve Claims, and has even affected Robler, the increasingly unbalanced Exec in charge of the Confederation satellite that circles above them observing the planet. 

The Lands of Nowhere are the legendary lands of the deleff, told of only in children's tales, for no humans have ever been known to visit them. The mysterious deleff have already saved the Kindred twice, but are they really allies in the Kindred's Quest against Discord? And why are the deleff so reluctant to let them leave the closed community of Dsheresh Vale?

As the Kindred encounter new threats to their Quest, meet new allies and develop new Gifts - the planet Sunrise reveals itself as more baffling than ever …

The Chronicles of Tenebrak continues with Book Three, Shadow of the Serpent and Book Four, The Price of Wisdom. Lands of Nowhere was published in 1995 by Pan Macmillan in Australia in paperback, but is now out of print.

It is available as an ebook, and can be purchased on this web site, or  from Amazon UK Kindle  or from Amazon US Kindle

Shannah Jay is a pen name of Anna Jacobs


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