Shadow of the Serpent

Shadow of the Serpent starts as the members of the Kindred have just passed through one of the deleff's strange portals and suddenly find themselves scattered across the Twelve Claims. They have been sent to seed the land with rebellion, to start a blaze of defiance that will one day consume the evil of the Serpent.

Each small group of characters faces grave danger, especailly the dark threat of being dicovered and killed by Those of the Serpent. As they journey towards their rendezvous, they meet up with some unexpected allies and overcome great difficulties.

Will their Quest against the Discord which has swept their planet be successful? As the depraved evil of the Serpent threatens to engulf the whole world, only the Kindred are left to save their people … with the help of some mysterious aliens.

The Chronicles of Tenebrak finishes with Book Four, The Price of Wisdom, a gripping tale which was shortlisted for Best Australian Fantasy Novel of 1996. Shadow of the Serpent was published in 1995 by Pan Macmillan in Australia in paperback, but is now out of print. It is now available as an ebook and can be purchased on this website, or from other on line sources.

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Shannah Jay is a pen name of Anna Jacobs.



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