On the planet Sunrise, the Sisterhood has spent centuries developing people's psychic and paranormal powers, instead of focusing on technology. Katia is chosen at fourteen to serve her Brother the God at the Sisterhood's great temple in Tenebrak. Once chosen, there is no turning back and Katia's life will be changed in many ways.

Discord is spreading across the face of Katia's planet, however, with violence threatening the very existence of the 20,000-year-old Sisterhood because the cult of the Serpent is speading its evil ways.

The Galactic Confederation have recently discovered the planet and in the sky far above the planet, Davred, a brilliant young xeno-anthropologist, is studying the Sisterhood from a Confex observation satellite. He becomes more and more attracted to their cause and eventually, risking everything, he feels called to go down to the planet and help the Sisters in their quest against Discord, because he too has psychic powers and it has become his quest.

However, as the quest enters its most critical stage, it becomes clear that humans are not alone on this world, and that neither Davred nor the Sisters know all the secrets of this mysterious planet … Who are the deleff? How have they kept their amazing powers secret?

Chronicles of Tenebrak continues with Lands of Nowhere, Shadow of the Serpent and The Price of Wisdom. The latter was shortlisted for Best Australian Fantasy Novel of 1996.  A prequel is now out in ebook format 'Tenebrak: the Founding' because I wanted to see how the Sisterhood started long ago.

Quest was published in 1994 by Pan Macmillan in Australia in paperback. It was reprinted in 1995, but is now out of print. However, it has been released in ebook format and can be purchased on this website and in other places on line.

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Shannah Jay is a pen name of Anna Jacobs.


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