The Trader's Reward

The Trader’s Reward, #5 and final in the Traders series, has been published in paperback in September 2014. It is already out in hardback, ebook and (in Australia and New Zealand only) trade paperback formats.

When Fergus Deagan's wife dies in childbirth, she makes him promise to take their family to Western Australia to join his brother Bram, also to marry again. She’s right. His young sons and newborn daughter do need a mother’s love and he needs something different in his life.

Disowned by her father for becoming pregnant, Cara Payton bears a stillborn baby. She’s in deep despair until a plea to wetnurse a motherless baby gives her life new purpose. And when Fergus proposes marriage she accepts. She respects him and is happy to stay with the child she now loves.

During the voyage to Australia, she and Fergus draw closer, then her past rears its ugly head and they face a terrible crisis. When they finally get to Fremantle, Fergus and Bram, always rivals, struggle to grow closer. To make matters worse, Bram has financial problems and there is no railway where Fergus can find work. Can the two brothers solve their problems? Will the newcomers find a way to build a new life?


I knew this would be the final in the series, so I had to tie together all the loose ends. Bram has lost touch with some of his family, so it seemed logical to bring one of his brothers back into the story.

And I never did find a husband for Livia Southerham. She’s such a nice woman I couldn’t leave her all alone as I closed the series. Of course she needed a special kind of man. That was easy to work out. She’s addicted to books and reading, and so is he. I understand people like that because I too am addicted to books.

The voyage to Australia has changed greatly since I started this series, with the Suez Canal opening. It’s quicker by a whole month. In fact, the world is changing, so it also seemed right for technology to be the saving of the difficult relationship between Bram and his next brother Fergus.

I felt really sad as I came to the end of this story. I’ve lived with Bram for six books, because he first appeared as a minor character in Destiny’s Path (last of the Swan River Saga series). I’m already missing him, missing those mornings when I’d wake early and see scenes in my head of what he did next.

Still, I do have another series in mind and I’ve no doubt I’ll soon be immersed in that. What can I say? Like my character Livia, I’m addicted to books, whether I’m writing them or reading them.

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