Yew Tree Gardens

This is the third and final book in the Wiltshire Girls series, following Cherry Tree Lane and Elm Tree Road. It tells the story of the third sister, Renie.


Sisters Mattie, Nell and Renie have all managed to escape from their oppressive and bullying father, but are now separated. They must draw upon their strength and courage to build new lives for themselves.

Renie, the youngest sister, is living with the newly married Nell. Renie is happy in her waitressing job at the local Rathleigh hotel. But a shadow falls over her the day Mr Judson arrives as assistant manager. Feeling increasingly threatened by him and also eager to esape from Nell's unpleasant husband, Renie is delighted when she is offered a new job in London.

Although she at first finds the city a huge and bewildering place, soon she is settling in and making friends. It seems as if her dreams have come true and she can have a future working in hotels.

And yet, she still worries about her sister Nell and the way her husband Cliff treats her. When tragedy strikes Nell and her family, Renie is left in London, helpless to contact her sister.

Her only comfort is her growing friendship with the injured Gil, towards whom she has felt an instant trust and affection. But can their relationship progress from friendship to something more. Then Judson returns into Nell's life and she finds herself in danger once again.

Can Gil help her to escape from Judson's attentions? And will she ever find her sisters again?

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