Cherry Tree Lane

1910 and Mattie Willitt is faced with an agonizing choice: marry the man her stepfather has chosen, or flee from Swindon. She and her sisters all choose to leave and go their own ways.

But Mattie gets lost in a thunderstorm, collapsing from exhaustion, sure she’s about to die. Widower John Kemble goes to investigate his son’s news that there’s a dead body in the lane, and brings the stranger home. She’s young and attractive, suffering from pneumonia and with his wife dead, there’s only him to tend her.

This leads to choices and opportunities Mattie could never have imagined. Will she have the courage to take the chance on a very different future?


NB Book 2, Elm Tree Road, is now out in hardback and ebook format.



Swindon in 1910 was a town whose main industry was railways, making the trains, the rails, and everything else. In fact, it was the home of the Great Western Railway. People even lived in railway houses. It was fascinating to research and I now have half a shelf of books about it.

This is the first book about Mattie and her sisters and has been published in hardback, paperback and ebook format . Book 2 , 'Elm Tree Road', is out in hardback. ‘Cherry Tree Lane’ will also come out in large print, paperback and audio editions.

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