Calico Road

 Calico Road runs through a tiny Lancashire hamlet up on the edge of the moors, miles from anywhere. In 1827 its folk are an independent breed - and a thorn in the side of the vicious mill owner in the valley below. Toby Fletcher’s rich father has ignored his bastard son all his life, but just before his death the old man gives Toby the rambling old inn on Calico Road, an inn that hides many secrets.

Meg Staley grows up in Northby, but after the death of her father she gets married young to escape her mother’s cruel ways. She and her husband leave the town, Meg hopes for ever. When tragedy sends her back there to her family she works hard to build a new life, but after a second tragedy she runs away and takes to wandering the moors.

Toby finds her up there one day, cold and starving, and brings her back to the inn. Together they start to find happiness, then danger threatens Toby and the people of Calico. Meg fights with them against an evil man. Will the two find a way to defeat him or will he once again use his power and money to wreak destruction on those who get in his way?

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One day we went to the town of Todmorden looking for my great-grandmother's grave. We didn't quite find it but we did get to the churchyard at High Cross, which is right on top of the moors above Todmorden. The wind was blowing across the moors and I seemed to see a woman bent over against it, struggling towards the churchyard. From that image I developed the idea for Calico Road.

One day we'll go back and find Anne Wild's grave. She had 12 children of whom my grandmother was one. I have a picture of her and her husband with 11 of those grown children. It's one of my treasured possessions.


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