Down Weavers Lane

When Madge Carter goes back to her home town of Northby, she takes her daughter with her, but continues to live from immoral earning. Unfortunately, as Emmy grows up she catches the eye of Madge's protector, who tries to force her down the same path as her mother. Then a wealthy gentleman becomes obsessed by her and pursues her, though Emmy seeks only to earn an honest living as a maid.

Other people are facing difficulties in Northby. Jack Staley is working hard to support his mother and brothers and sisters and must accept the charity of his employer after his father’s death. Widowed Tibby Oswald is having trouble making ends meet. Rich Jane Rishmore is trying to avoid marriage to the man her parents have chosen, but whom she loathes.

As Jack and Emmy grow up they fall in love, but neither feels free to marry. Jack simply cannot afford it and Emmy has vowed not to bring her mother’s shame to any man. When her employer dies she moves in with her uncle and family, but her aunt ill-treats her, so she has to move away from Northby. Even then, the gentleman stalking her does not give up his pursuit. Jack cannot bear to live without Emmy and brings her back, but they must still face difficulties and dangers before they can find happiness together.

Down Weavers Lane was first published in February 2002 in hardback, and came out in paperback, large print, audio and ebook formats. If the paperback isn't available in your local bookshop, order it anyway, as the book is still being reprinted at intervals.

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