Our Mary Ann

Mary Ann is illegitimate and life for the girl in 1905 is hard. It rapidly becomes worse when her new stepfather begins to interfere with her. Sent away at fifteen to bear his child, she meets Gabriel Clough, who helps her escape to Blackpool after the birth.

There she works hard and makes a new life for herself. Then the Great War brings her many new opportunities and also brings Gabriel back into her life. But circumstances mean they can’t be together.

It’s not until her mother dies that Mary Ann returns to Lancashire, determined to uncover the secrets of her past. Then danger threatens both her and the child she thought she’d lost for ever. Will history repeat itself or will Mary Ann’s courage win her the happiness she deserves?

This memorable and poignant tale is a triumphant conclusion to the series of Kershaw sisters’ stories. You can read these books in any order, so if you haven’t read ‘Our Lizzie’, ‘Our Polly’ and ‘Our Eva’, you might like to try them too.

‘Our Mary Ann’ was published in hardback, paperback, large print, ebook and audi book formats.

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I'd originally intended to have only three Kershaw sisters. When my editor said it was a pity I hadn't got four sisters as people were enjoying the stories, my husband grinned and said, 'How about an illegitimate sister?' And that's how Mary Ann was created. She's one of my very favourite heroines.

I read a book called 'Women and the Great War' which had personal accounts of women's experiences during this war. One had been a stewardess on ships bringing Belgian refugees across the Channel to England, so that went into the mix as well. I love collecting titbits of history to add colour to my tales.



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