Our Eva

Eva is the shy Kershaw sister, and at 24 she is reconciled to remaining a spinster. However, her beloved adopted aunt Alice Blake is dying and when a nephew turns up, life changes abruptly for Eva. Alice's will contains surprises and conditions that will completely overturn Eva's peaceful life and lead her into danger.

Just down the road, Aaron Brierley is also in difficulties. When his wife dies, he loses his job and his home. With two small children and no jobs in the district he is desperate. What use was it being an officer during the war, if he can't support his family now? And having a gammy leg from his injuries doesn't help, either. But when Eva needs help, it's Aaron who supplies it without hesitation. And in turn she helps his two motherless daughters.

Come and meet a cast of memorable characters and the vivid evocation of a period when a motor car and electric light were still novelties beyond the purse of ordinary people, and the cameraderie between former soldiers still strong.

Sketch of Our Eva cover

This is how Our Eva's cover was developed. The artist (Nigel Chamberlain) was given information about the story, then drew the rough concept sketch shown here.

From this, he developed a painting in full colour. The publisher's art department then put the necessary information on the cover, including the blurb, and information about the author and her other works. For hardbacks there is usually a photo of the author and a bio, ie a mini-biography.

Our Eva (hardback) came out in September 2002 in hardback and has been published in hardback, paperback, large print, audiobook and ebook formats. The paperback is still being reprinted at intervals, so if you want a copy and it's not available, put in an order at your bookshop.

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