Jessie is lively and intelligent - and she wants more than the respectable life in service her mother has long planned for her.

Times are changing: railways are being built across the land, bringing new freedom and possibilities. Jessie tastes that freedom when she meets an ambitious young navvy, newly arrived in Yorkshire. The attraction between them is overwhelming. And Jared Wilde is determined to make Jessie his wife.

The primitive, colourful shanty towns that spring up around the railway works are nothing like the safe world Jessie once knew. But in spite of the hardness of life there, she finds happiness with Jared  . . . until another navvy becomes determined to destroy their future together.

Jessie is a vivid and compelling tale which will enchant and fascinate readers everywhere.


Jessie was published by Hodder & Stoughton UK, and has come out in hardback, paperback, large print, audiobook and now ebook formats. The paperback still keeps reprinting, so if you can't find it in the shops, order it from your local bookshop and keep reordering till you get it.



I'm fascinated by the human side of railways. They opened up the world for ordinary people from the 1830s onwards. By 1851 England was criss-crossed with railways, main lines and branch lines, and a quarter of the population travelled to the Great Exhibition in London on them. As usual, the women's side of things is not as well known. Women lived with their men in shanty towns along the new tracks being built. It must have been a hard life. I've tried to recreate it in this novel.


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