A Time to Rejoice

After a stray bomb scored a direct hit on his childhood home in Hertfordshire, the only thing that has kept Francis Brady going while he works day and night salvaging what he can from the rubble is the thought that soon he'll be joining war-time friends Mayne, Daniel and Victor as electrical specialist in their new building company in Lancashire.

But things are not going to plan: Mayne isn't answering any of Francis's letters, Francis's wife is having a change of heart about moving up north away from her parents, and they seem set on breaking up his marriage to keep their daughter nearby . . .

A lot of marriages are breaking up in these times of change, and Francis doesn't want his to be one of them. But how can he turn down the opportunity of a new life and career when there is no decent job for him in the village where he used to live?

Meanwhile in Rivenshaw, newly married Mayne and Judith's plans to convert Esherwood House into flats have come to an abrupt halt. While clearing out the house in readiness for the converstion, they've discovered that someone has been stealing the family's carefully stored valuables and hiding them in the old Nissen hut. But who hid them there - and are they planning on returning for them. And are they also responsible for something else found in the hut, a shocking surprise.

With so much going against them, can these four friends and their wives ever turn their dreams into reality?


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