Legacy of Greyladies

This is the final in the three-part Greyladies series. However the Honeyfield series has links with Greyladies.

Wiltshire, December 1915. Olivia Hanbury is widowed and has been persuaded by her cousin Donald to move in with his meek little wife while he is serving in France. When he's wounded, he returns home to convalesce. Tensions rise between him and lively Olivia, and she leaves.

Her friend Babs involves her in starting the new Women's Institutes and introduces her to Alex, an antiques dealer.

Meanwhile, Phoebe Latimer is holding the fort at Greyladies, an ancient manor house, while her husband is away at war. But someone is attempting to rid Greyladies of the German internees based there. Their nasty tricks put Phoebe's life and that of her unborn child at risk.

A chance meeting brings Olivia to Greyladies, and she feels as though she's finally come home. Alex joins her there. Will these three help one another through these troubled times? Or will violent men destroy Greyladies and all it stands for?


I was sad to be writing the last in the Greyladies series. I'm reminded of it every day I'm in England because as I turn off to my village I pass a very similar house that gave me the idea in the first place. If you want to see this sort of manor, drive round country Wiltshire or visit Avebury Manor.

I gave a talk at a Women's Institute a few years ago and that got me interested in the history of this movement, which began around 1915. I bought a couple of books about it and then saw how well it would fit into this tale. I do admire the community work that the Women's Institute did, not only during World War 2, but ever since.


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