Tenebrak the Founding

Violence has shattered the peaceful world, and bands of raiders are looting and killing. Karialla's settlement is destroyed while she's away and she loses husband, home and friends.

She returns to Tenebrak, helped on her way by the strange creatures called deleff. She's planning to undertake further training as a healer of the First Cadre, but finds the Healers' Courts destroyed. The town's Elders give her a huge empty house and she sets up as a healer. But she keeps seeing an image of a huge building on the ridge overlooking the town.

Other people with the necessary gifts to help Karialla struggle back to Tenebrak after facing great adversity and go to live with her.

Some people don't want a return of peace, however, and the whole town is threatened by a new band of raiders. Will they succeed or will Karialla and her friends help return peace to this troubled land?


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