Sword of Azaray

LEGEND SAYS: When the world was young and troublesome, the Halashi, gentle inhabitants of the True Vale, grew tired of the war and mayhem around them, so they created a magical sword and gave it to the brave young King of Azaray. With its help, he and two loyal companions brought peace to the land. Since then, the sword has sung all true Kings of Azaray to the throne.

The powerful but evil magician Pavros has helpedThanis kill his brother and steal the throne, but he cannot destroy the magic sword, so has scattered its three parts across the ring of worlds, the hilt on one world, scabbard on another and blade on a third.

   Three in one shall save the day

   When danger threatens Azaray

Jarrad, Sara and Morrin, the true king’s children, have been raised secretly, each on a different world. When they are 14, the Halishi have no choice but to make them aware of their destiny, which is to reunite the three parts of the sword and regain the throne for Jarrad the eldest.

This book is the tale of that great and magical adventure, as the children cross from one world to the next to rescue the parts of the sword. They have to avoid magical traps and battle against the fearsome Lord Yezroll and storm demons.

It was written originally for children, but as every adult who's read it said they didn't think children should get all the treats, I'd say anyone can enjoy it.

The ebook has the Shannah Jay author name on it - the paperback has Anna Jacobs on it.

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