Persons of Rank (briefly 'A Proper Match' for US edition)

'Persons of our rank,' declared the Dowager, quivering with outrage at the mere thought, 'do not fall in love! They may, if they are that way inclined, come to feel some affection for their spouses - I have known it to happen, even in the best of circles - but I repeat, persons of rank do not, under any circumstances, fall in love!'

Eleanor and Beatrice dream of lovematches but the Dowager insists romantic love is for housemaids, not for the Graceover women.

Beatrice, despatched to London at the Dowager's behest to look over the current crop of eligible bachelors, doesn't enjoy her Season. She is disturbed by the languid charm of Lord Serle, confused by the manipulative ways of her cousin Jennice and appalled by the lack of social conscience and mercenary attitudes to marriage displayed by Society. Beatrice's country inncocence and unconventional behaviour lead her into some alarming situations.

Meanwhile, back in the country, the beautiful and headstrong Eleanor is up to mischief of her own which is guaranteed to earn the disapproval of her grandmother. Will her secret be discovered? Will Crispin prove his worth? Or will the scheming cleric achieve his wicked ambitions?

After a desperate struggle in the potting shed at midnight, Beatrice is rescued and not only does love triumph for both young women, but the Dowager is not displeased.

Persons of Rank was first published in 1992 by Random House in hardback. The book is now out of print, except in large print, but is available on line, from various providers, as an ebook.

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