Channa Harknell is a Zone Leader in the military and heir to Faction Harknell. Living on the war-torn planet of Evral all her life, she has known nothing but war. Now that the Galactic Confederation has intervened, she has been chosen as Shavlan Envoy to negotiate peace for her people.

The Peace Corps of the Galactic Confederation is determined to stop the war between the Shavlans and the Deorin. Senior Mediator, Joran Lovrel, brings all his wiles and experience to break down Channa's resistance to the idea of peace. But can Channa trust him? And can she trust her traditional enemies, the Deorin, to keep any peace she negotiates?

Isolated in the neutral territory of the Confederation's island base, Mediator and Envoy begin a battle of wits more demanding than any military campaign. It's a while before Channa discover that her arch-enemy Van Makass is also at the base.

Meanwhile, back in Shavla and Deora new allegiances are being formed, fresh betrayals hatched. And in the name of peace Channa must face more danger than she has ever encounterd in a lifetime of war.

Envoy was published in 1994 by Pan Macmillan Australia in paperback, but is now out of print. The book is now for sale as an ebook and can be purchased on this site.


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Shannah Jay is a pen name of Anna Jacobs


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