Beyond the Sunset

 For Cassandra, reunited with the man she loves, the Swan River Colony is a refuge and her twin sisters are also happily settled. But Pandora, the youngest, is so desperately homesick for England that when an opportunity arises to go back to Lancashire, she takes it.

The way home, though , will be even harder than the voyage to Australia, and it’s a race against time across rough country to catch the ship, with Zachary’s help. When she gets home, a devious enemy is waiting to trap her and prevent her taking charge of her family’s inheritance.

This book is the sequel to ‘Farewell to Lancashire’ though it can also be read as a single story, complete in itself.

The research was fascinating, tracing the journey across the sparsely settled south-west of the Swan River Colony from road maps of the time, since there were no railways or even decent roads then in Western Australia. I also had a cart crash and needed help from cart club members to get that right - crashing a cart does not quite happen how I expected.

Then there was the journey to Galle (Ceylon/Sri Lanka), Suez, Alexandria, Malta and Southampton. By the time I’d finished the book, I felt as if I’d travelled there myself!

This is the second of three books about the Blake sisters. It's been published in hardback, trade paperback, and mass market paperback. Book 3 'Destiny's Path' has been published in hardback and trade paperback, and will come out in mass market paperback in December 2011.

‘Beyond the Sunset’ is also published in large print and audio formats. If your bookshop doesn’t stock it, you can ask them to order it for you or you can buy on line from the following:
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'Beyond the Sunset' is also available as an ebook from various on line venues round the world, including Amazon UK




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