Tomorrow's Promises

 After the end of WWI, Ellen shocks people by returning from London on her motor cycle, with a different attitude to life. Her employer is as vicious as ever and her violent stepfather is determined to marry her off to a man she hates. However, she has an ally. Seth Talbot, the new local policeman, is determined to bring order to a town where the law has been flouted for years. Little do either of them realise how corrupt so-called respectable people can be and how dangerous when cornered.

Anna Jacobs brilliantly recreates life in 1919 in this gripping story of gutsy heroines, wicked men and courageous heroes.

‘Tomorrow’s Promises’ has been published in hardback, paperback, large print, audio and ebook formats. If your local bookshop doesn’t stock it, you can ask them to order it for you. Indeed, all Anna Jacobs’ Hodder & Stoughton paperbacks are still being reprinted and can easily be ordered in by bookshops.

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