Heart of the Town

I'm delighted to announce that this is my fortieth novel published. My first one was a regency romance in 1992 (Persons of Rank). Here's to the next forty!

Gideon, recently discharged from the Army, has just arrived in Hedderby, only to discover that another man has stolen his name and inheritance - and he can’t prove who he is. Would it be fair to court Dora when he can offer her so little? Despite his anger, he patiently bides his time, working in the markets until he can reclaim what is his.

The little dog Dora has rescued proves to be extremely intelligent and suddenly she can see a chance to go on the stage with it. But Gideon and her family all disapprove.

With the town’s new orphanage vandalized, the music hall not yet rebuilt, and the impostor prepared to kill to keep what he has stolen, trouble is brewing on several fronts. Gideon and Dora’s lives are threatened. And even if they survive, how will they find a future together?

‘Heart of the Town’ has been published in hardback, paperback, audio, large print and ebook formats. If your local bookshop doesn’t stock it, you can ask them to order it for you. Indeed, all Anna Jacobs’ Hodder & Stoughton paperbacks are regularly reprinted and can easily be ordered in by bookshops.

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