Marrying Miss Martha

When their father dies, Martha and Penelope Merrivale are left almost penniless. Rather than submit to their cousin's charity, they find employment as teachers in a Lancashire mill town.

Life there is very different from the country village in Leicestershire in which they grew up and the people much blunter in speech. Then Penelope is caught up in a riot which brings her into contact with the assistant engineer at Seaton’s mill, Daniel Porter (1). He’s a poor man with a flair for machinery and not at all a suitable friend for Penelope.

Meanwhile Martha finds herself attracted to Ben Seaton, the youngest of the three mill-owners in Tapton and brother (2) of one of her charges - though they’re as likely to argue as chat happily. She hasn’t seen herself as ever getting married, is worried people might laugh at her - and he’s not good with words, so hasn’t managed to make his feelings clear.

Then danger threatens Ben’s sister and Martha is the main person to help him - though this means putting herself in danger. This is no time for flowery speeches but for action, which suits him just fine. But how will he ever manage to marry Martha if he doesn't propose?

There are two errors on the front jacket flap. Don’'t let them put you off this exciting tale.
(1) ’ Clem’ should be Daniel Porter
(2) Ben is Georgiana’s brother, not father

‘Marrying Miss Martha’ is published in May 2004 and will be available for sale in all English-speaking countries and if your local bookshop doesn’t stock it, you can ask them to order it for you. It’s published in hardback only.

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