Salem Street

Salem Street traces the early life of Annie Gibson, born on the fifteenth of May 1820, in the front bedroom of her parents' new house in Bilsden. When the story begins, Salem Street is brand new: eight small terraced houses built by a Lancashire mill owner for his better workers. Annie Gibson's family is one of the first to move in - a step up in the world for them. But when her mother dies, Annie's happy childhood ends and she is left to help bring up her brother and sister.

Red-haired, intelligent and startlingly pretty, Annie soon finds herself banished from home by a jealous stepmother. She finds work in the local doctor's household where she learns about the fascinating world outside Salem Street. And when her adored childhood friend, Matt, asks her to marry him Annie thinks her dreams are coming true.

But suddenly everything turns upside down. Abandoned and pregnant after a brutal attack, Annie returns to Salem Street, where an unexpected offer gives her independence.

One day, she vows, she will move into the wider world again. One day.

The Gibson Family Saga continues with High Street, Ridge Hill, Hallam Square and Spinners Lake.

Salem Street was published by Hodder & Stoughton UK, and has come out in hardback, paperback, audio book, large print and Readers' Digest condensed editions. It is now also out in ebook. It has been in print continuously since 1994 and still reprints intermittently, so if you want your own copy and can't find it in the shops, order it from a bookshop, and re-order if necessary till you get a copy.


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