Replenish the Earth

When Sarah's mother dies, she's left penniless. Reluctantly she goes to see her mother's family lawyer and is astonished to find that she's inherited the family mansion in Dorset. It's run down and there isn't much money, but she falls in love with it on sight and goes to live there against her lawyer's advice.

Sarah gradually gathers servants and starts renovating the house, with Will Pursley acting as her bailiff. Her outspoken maid tells her it’s her duty to marry, in order to ‘Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth’ and that’s just what Sarah does. But a gentleman is no use to her. She needs a practical man who will work with her to rebuild the estate - someone like her handsome bailiff, Will Pursley. However, her arrogant and unscrupulous neighbour, Mr Sewell, has other ideas. He wants her land to add to his own and is prepared to go to any lengths to get it.

Replenish the Earth was published in the UK in October 2001 in hardback, large print and audio formats. It's out of print in paper form but is now available in ebook format and can be purchased on this site.

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