A Forbidden Embrace (reissued as The Northern Lady)

In 1818, Cassie’s Trent’s mother dies after a long illness and she is shocked to discover that her mother’s brother and his wife have been appointed as her guardians and bribed to give her a London season. As her mother’s family disowned her for marrying her father, no one is really pleased about that. However, Cassie is determined to fulfil her mother’s last wishes.

In London she becomes friendly with her cousin Susannah, but is shocked when her aunt forces Susannah to get engaged to a man of whom she’s afraid. Cassie definitely isn’t afraid of Simeon Giffard, in fact, she’s attracted to him, but he’s the wrong man for her gentle cousin. To complicate matters, Susannah meets Will Trent, Cassie’s northern cousin and falls in love with him.

When Cassie decides to intervene to save Susannah from unhappiness, she compromises herself by mistake and then finds that she is the one who must marry Simeon, to save her good name. With her London relatives furious, Simeon’s mother actively working against her and Simeon himself too proud to use her money, does she have any chance of real happiness?


A Forbidden Embrace was first published in July 2001 in hardback, large print and audiobook formats. It's now out of print but is available in ebook format under the original title 'The Northern Lady'. You can buy it on this site or elsewhere.

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