Welcome! I'm starting the year with a new website and I'm thrilled with it. Each of my books has its own page full of information and some behind the scenes stuff you won't find elsewhere. You can read the first chapters of each book. Click on 'Books' on the menu line above then choose the one you want to find out more about.

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I'm published mainly as Anna Jacobs, writing historical sagas and modern novels alternately, and I used to write fantasy novels as Shannah Jay.


In January 2015 I was delighted to see my 70th novel published. 'A Time to Remember' is the first in a new series called 'Rivenshaw' after the imaginary Lancashire town in which it's set. These stories take place just after World War 2, a time I remember as a little child.

This year will see the third and final of the Greyladies books published (Legacy of Greyladies) and several other books. Some of my older stories, published only in hardback, will be coming out in mass market paperback editions. The first of these will be a modern story 'Winds of Change' in March.

Things are changing greatly in the book world and some of my early books, long out of print, have now been published in large paperback format via Amazon's CreateSpace system by my clever husband. If you put 'Anna Jacobs CreateSpace' in the search box at Amazon you'll find them.

The first series I ever wrote, 'The Gibson Family Saga' (starting with Salem Street) is about to be given new covers. It's been in print over twenty years and many readers still tell me it's their favourite. Look for it around July.

All my books are, of course, available as ebooks.


Because I've moved to another town, I've had to close down my PO Box, but of course I can't remove this information from books already published. I can no longer receive letters/snail mail, but you can still contact me by email.


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