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    Welcome to my website. It's crammed with information about my books, as well as personal information and photos and you can read the first chapters of all my books. Do take time to have a look around.

    I'm published mainly as Anna Jacobs, writing historical sagas and modern novels alternately, and I used to write fantasy novels as Shannah Jay.


    My clever husband has just published some of my out of print books in trade paperback format via Amazon's CreateSpace system. They're just coming on line, so you may have to put 'Anna Jacobs CreateSpace' in the search box at Amazon to find them. If you buy them elsewhere, you should check that the edition was published in 2013. They are, of course, still available as ebooks. This is a list of the new paperbacks so far:

    Moving On, Seasons of Love, Chestnut Lane, Kirsty's Vineyard, Licence to Dream, Marrying A Stranger, The Wishing Well, Family Connections, Change of Season, Saving Willowbrook, Persons of Rank, Mistress of Marymoor.


    Because I'm moving to another town, I've had to close down my PO Box, so can no longer receive letters/snail mail. I shall not be acquiring another PO Box because few readers contact me that way nowadays.


    ** I'll be giving several library talks in Western Australia in October and November. For details, see the 'News' section on the left side of this page.

    1. 'In Search of Hope' was published at the end of October in hardback.

    2. Paperbacks of two of my out of print book have just been published on Amazon (Sept 2013). They're slightly more expensive than ordinary paperbacks, because they're print on demand books. This is the first time they've been published in paperback. The two books are 'Seasons of Love', a historical romance and 'Moving On', a modern family/relationships story

    If you go to the pages for these books on this website, by clicking on their titles on the 'Booklist' on the blue menu line above, you will find out more information.

    Happy reading!

    3. 'The Trader's Gift' has been published now in hardback, ebook (and trade paperback in Australia and New Zealand only). This is #4 in The Traders series. #5, the final story, is currently being written.

    'Heir to Greyladies'  has been published in hardback and ebook editions. This is #1 in a new series - Greyladies.


    If you want to know which books are in each series, click on 'Series' on the blue menu line above. All the series are listed there. If you want to read about a specific book, click on Book LIst above and go to the section you want. You can also read the first chapter of each book.

    There is a separate page on this site for each book, showing the cover and giving details you won't find elsewhere about how I got the idea or did the research. You get to these by clicking on Booklist at the top and finding the book in which you're interested. 

    If you watch the Latest Books section on the right, you’ll see the covers for my recent publications. The covers change about every 15 seconds.

    My books come out first as hardbacks, then later as paperbacks, large print and audiobooks. Most of them are now out in ebook format as well.

    Some of the early Anna Jacobs books (historical romances and modern novels) also my Shannah Jay fantasy novels, have been out of print for a while, but these are now available for sale as ebooks. You can buy them on this website or on line at various other venues, such as Amazon.

    If you're interested in being kept up to date with information about my books, you can sign up for my email newsletter. You'll receive news approximately every 4-6 weeks and be the first to hear the news of my coming books and what I'm currently writing.

    To join click on:    Join email newsletter  and send a blank email.

    Thank you for visiting my site. Do come back again soon.







































































































































































































































































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